Design, execution and operation for 15 years of a power plant that will serve 1,458 housing units and heat more than 104,246 sqm.

A sustainable power plant and a heating network that will supply their hot water and heating demands through a ‘District Heating’ system. A building capable of producing sustainable energy for its inhabitants at a lower cost and, equally, capable of reducing 80% of CO2 emissions.

Among its facilities highlight 2 biomass boilers of 1.400 kW of thermal power with maximum content of humidity of 55% and 2 natural gas boilers of 2.300 kW each, with exchanger fumes-water manufactured in stainless steel to achieve high instantaneous yields of the set and external heat recovery.

- The installation, which will be variable flow, is composed of two groups of pumping; one in each primary circuit of the boiler and a pumping group consisting of five pumps for distribution to the district network.

The infrastructure that integrates the entire District Heating system includes, in addition to this building, the distribution network and all its accessories, from the thermal installations to each substation of the residential buildings and premises.

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