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> SANJOSE will build the Residencial Canteras Vista Atlántico in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
> SANJOSE will remodel two office buildings at 2-4, Calle Orense in Madrid
> SANJOSE will expand the Ciudad Deportiva Sevilla F.C. José Ramón Cisneros Palacios, in Seville
> SANJOSE will build the Alveum Oviedo residential complex
> SANJOSE will build the stretch La Concepción - Link with the A-7 Mediterranean Highway, in Almería
> SANJOSE will carry out the executive project for the thawing salt belt of the ICL plant in Súria, Barcelona
> SANJOSE will build a student residence at 50-72, Calle Papa Luna in Salamanca
> SANJOSE will build the residential building Residencial Melzi, in the Patraíx neighbourhood, Valencia
> SANJOSE will refurbish the Colegio Mayor de San Pablo in Madrid
> SANJOSE will refurbish the former Hotel Asturias at 9-11, Carrera San Jerónimo Madrid
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