> Energy power station and mechanical works. Works on a total of 10 separate buildings and one for the chairmanship.


> Thermal power station consisting of 5 heaters of 2900 kw, of which 3 are natural gas burners and 2 are mixed burners (diesel and gas).


> Refrigeration system consisting of 6 water condensed water chillers of 2,200 kw.


> Distribution to substations of buildings is made by means of a ring District Heating and Cooling system. It consists of a total of 296 conditioners, 10,989 linear diffusers, 5 boilers of 2900 KW, 6 towers of refrigeration of 2,760 KW, 6 KW chillers of 2,200 and 254 axial fans, and more than 130,000 meters of tuber between DN-15 and DN-600.


> Plumbing works. Pressure group formed by four bombs of 20 kg. each in stainless steel.


> Fire protection system. Fire group of 242 mm2 with electric pump of 220 hp and diesel pump of 250 hp.

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