> Project and Installation of 720 meters of PP DN 315 PN-25 pipeline.


> First tranche: 28 meters executed on land by placing in a previously excavated trench.


> Second tranche: 680 meters pipeline, of which 505 meters are under the seabed, made by Horizontal Directional Drilling. This method involves drilling from land and then introducing the pipeline from the sea “pulling” and inserting it in the hole. To do this, previously the pipeline should be full welded and carried floating using boats to the starting point 500 meters away from the coast and 20 meters under sea level.


> Third tranche: 12 meters of diffuser executed in the trench at the seabed. It was necessary to dredge the seabed and later crack it with a breakwater of 1,200 cubic meters of volume.


> Engineering and project. GSJ Solutions.


> Project management. Grupo SANJOSE.

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