> Built surface. 87,568 m².


> Developed area. 62,975 m².


> Affected surface. 95,000 m².


Architect/Engineering. Ineco.


The through station, which will be subway, will be located under the tracks of the current Puerta de Atocha and Méndez Álvaro street. It will have four new tracks and two platforms, and its execution involves a great deal of technical complexity, although it will not involve cuts in train traffic.

The new infrastructure being built by SANJOSE takes advantage of the unevenness of its location to generate various levels on which to develop the different spaces, while connecting both with Puerta de Atocha in the north and with a new vestibule in Méndez Álvaro at the southern end. This articulation by levels and uses will be mainly as follows: at an altitude of 600 meters, the platforms will be located; at 607 meters there will be two boarding halls to the north and south and their communication walkways; on a higher floor, at 611 meters, the south concourse of Méndez Álvaro will be located, including a platform to promote intermodality with cab ranks, VTC, private cars, etc.; and at 624 meters it will connect with the second floor of the departure concourse of Puerta de Atocha. In addition, the northern part of Puerta de Atocha will be remodeled, expanding and improving the spaces and integrating it with the accesses to the subway station.

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