The new factory will have approximately a surface of 97,000 m2 and represents a European benchmark for industrial production within its sector. With a production capacity of more than 100,000 tons a year it will operate as a sustainable industrial complex at all levels, optimising the consumption of water, energy and CO2 emissions.


Mechanical works

- It includes steam, fluid and compressed air facilities.

- 9 storage stainless steel tanks of 160 m³ and a network of distribution of 25,000 ml. of stainless steel pipes.


Electrical works

- (45kV) high-voltage, medium-voltage (20kV) and low voltage power lines. Total power: 9,218 kW.

- 2 AT-transformers of 10MVA each, working in parallel.

- 45/20kV transformer substation with 2 10 MVA power transformers, 4 new 52kV cells and 5 new 24Kv cells.

- 7 dry type transformers of 2000 KVA and 2 dry 3150 KVA transformers.

- Ring of 20 kV for the interconnection of all the transformation centres.

- 3 low voltage panels and over 60 secondary panels.


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